Woodfish is the continuous progression of a musical adventure, which started when two rhythm based musical brothers, decided they wanted to start a rock band. The band's appeal is universal, their music is energetic and their show is truly exciting.

The drive behind the creation and performance of Woodfish’s music is to stick to the roots of what makes great rock music while still creating a great new “Woodfish” sound that touches people’s hearts and souls. The music of Woodfish can be described as a combination of Rock, Alternative, Funk, Surf, Jamband and Progressive styles which, infused together, provide audiences with an intoxicating and entertaining musical “Woodfish” experience. Woodfish formed progressively as brothers, Steve Kalorin (bass & vocals) and Dominic Kalorin (drums) hit local open mic jam nights on the Jersey Shore. As time passed the brothers joined up with other musicians and also began to identify a cohesive, consistent sound in their jams.

Inspired by friends, songwriters and other musicians they met along the way they then decided to combine the free elements of their jamming with traditional and cutting edge songwriting arrangement styles. The resulting sound is now the very rhythmic, energetic and intoxicating sound you will find here on their website. Over the years the full line up of the band members changed as things do until teaming up with guitarist Chris Macock to form the trio that the band is today.

The Woodfish sound has and always will always remain constant yet uniquely Woodfish. If you're not yet familiar with the Woodfish sound feel free to visit the band's "Music" page. Listen through the songs and experience the different phase variations the band went through over the years and find out why... Woodfish is good fish! Keep your eyes peeled for new songs releases as Woodfish is currently in the process of writing and recording new songs. The band is very excited about the future and has been resisting the temptation of jumping the gun and releasing a few songs early. Stayed tuned because there's no telling how long they will be able to resist! in the meanwhile, check out the music, watch some videos, get your free download song download by signing up on the mailing list and we'll see you at a show soon!

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